In this composition Alex depicts a familiar sight in the tropics: a grove of banana trees with hundreds of overlapping fronds. Drawing from both realist and color field schools of painting, Bananas combines impasto brushwork with numerous layers of individually applied glazes. The detail shown below is enlarged to less than half the actual size of the original painting.

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Title: Bananas
Medium/Media: Oil and Mixed Media
Dimensions of Original: 14" x 31.5"
Prints Available for Purchase
7.3" x 17" Lithograph $25.00 Sold Out
13.58" x 31" Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas $345.00
18.8" x 43" Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas $695.00
32.6" x 75" Limited Edition on Canvas $1,295.00
4" x 5.5" Post Cards (100 cards) $15.00